2016 AMA Pro Supercross – Anaheim 1


Supercross is the the fastest growing motorsport in the world.  Feld Motorsports and Monster Energy have done an amazing job boosting this exhilarating sports’ interest, attendance and TV viewing (which broke rating records for Fox Sport 1 last year).  The FIM World Championship is set for another 17 races series.

Undoubtedly the toughest sport in the world.  These athletes are at the top of their game and in unbelievable physical and mental shape.  You’ve waited for 8 months, and now it’s back. Enjoy!

  1.  The 2016 AMA Monster Energy Supercross series is going to be an amazing year, and as usual we go to Anaheim for the season opener this Saturday.revvs sc1 anaheim_1024x513
  2. Ryan Dungey is the reigning champion and he looks to defend his title.  With Dungey’s crazy work ethic, unmatched stamina, team KTM and coach Roger DeCoster, he certainly looks like a viable candidate for another series win.revvs sc2 dung_1024x566
  3. With crazy rains in southern California the track has been flooded.  The dirk works crew will obviously do their best to make it the best possible conditions come race day.revvs sc3_1024x781
  4. Justin Barcia is a fantastic competitor and he really comes alive in the muddy and sloppy conditions.  Look for him to be a contender for the podium at A1.revvs sc4 barcia_1024x681
  5. One of the biggest moves this year is Eli Tomac’s move from the Honda to the Kawasaki.  He says he is very comfortable on this frame geometry, however he hasn’t had a ton of time on the bike as he has just recovered from a massive rotator cuff injury and the team move is fairly recent. Tomac is by far one of my favorite riders to watch, he never gives up and will push the limits to get where he wants to be.revvs sc5 tomac_1024x683
  6. With a year off from racing due to a drug suspension handed down from the FIM, James Stewart only has one race under his belt (Monster Energy Cup).  James is arguably the fastest guy on two wheels when he is focused and healthy, it will be interesting to see how he does this year after the time off.revvs sc6 bubba_1024x576
  7. Chad Reed is back on a Yamaha and many think this suits him best.  Reed is one of the oldest riders on the circuit, he needs to make a big push early to have a chance.revvs sc7 reed_1024x768
  8. Trey Canard is healthy (again), lets hope he stays that way.  After a career best series start last year he suffered yet another injury and there was really nothing he could do to avoid it.  Canard is always gunning for the podium and he certainly has the speed and skill to be at the top.revvs sc9 canard_1024x683
  9. Weston Peick is a warrior!  I don’t know if anyone in the series is as strong as this guy.  His JGR Yamaha team and training/riding coach Buddy Antunez have done a great job with Weston the past couple years.  I am thrilled to know Weston, his work ethic is top notch, and I expect to see several podiums from him this year.revvs sc10 peick_1024x683
  10. FIM World Champion and 250 Supercross Champion Ken Roczen has one goal in mind this year …a 450 Supercross Championship Trophy to add to his collection. Love him or hate him (there is no in-between) you can bet he will be lurking around the top of the pack just waiting for someone to make a mistake.revvs sc8 roczen_1024x681
  11. Moving up from the 250 lites class is the Frenchman, Marvin Musquin.  He is fast and has plenty of style.  He is really liking the 450 machine and says it is a better fit for his riding style.  I am amped to see the freshman Frenchman do battle. revvs sc11 musquin_1024x682
  12. Who do you think will be atop the podium at Anaheim 1?  Anyone got a favorite for the series?  Contact me and let me know.  Send me some pics too if you are at the races and I will get them on a future feature post.revvs sc12 podium_1024x512