Austin Barn Find Bikes


I recently found myself looking for vintage bikes …again.  Austin, TX has a great biker community and it seems to get bigger each year.  There is definitely a young diverse crowd of customizers and restorers here so sometimes the good finds get snatched up quick.  Here are a few of my recent finds, I know a few of them are still available.

  1. Gilera 125.  The bike didn’t run, needed a ton of work but a great find nonetheless. revvs barn find gliera 125_1024x768
  2. 1974 BSA Lightening 650.  This bike was priced pretty high but I liked it a lot.  I test rode the bike and the engine seemed to be strong with good compression.  It was strange having the rear brake and shifter on opposite sides of what I consider normal.  revvs barn find bsa1_1024x768
  3. 1971 Honda 100 Enduro.  This was the best of five Honda’s for sale in this barn.  Although it was not running I was still temped, this bike needed just a little TLC and restore and it would be a fantastic bike.  All five are still available, if I can get the price down I may have to pull this trigger on this bike.revvs barn find 71 honda_1024x768
  4. A look at all five of the Honda 100’s.  If I remember correctly they were 1970-1974, all different years.  Would be remarkable to purchase and restore all of them.revvs barn find honda 70-74_1024x1024
  5. Moto Morinirevvs barn find moto morini_1024x768
  6. Old single cylinder Ducati 50 SL.  I am a huge Ducati fan and I really liked this bike, I couldn’t find a date on serial number but was told it was a 1963 model.  Esthetically the bike is in great condition, however, it has quite a few missing parts and is far from being able to run.  Would be a great project bike if you have the time and money.  revvs barn find6 vintage ducati1_1024x768
  7. I believe this was an old Gilera but I cannot be positive.  It had an attachment as well which looked like a sidecar but I believe it was a trailer of sorts.  Being in such rustic condition this thing would probably be a nightmare to restore but I found myself intrigued and I looked the bike over for at least 20 minutes.  I wondered where this bike had been during its good days, I wanted to know its story.revvs barn find who knows1_1024x768
  8. One more view of the old bucket of rust.revvs barn find who knows2_1024x768
  9. Honda 90revvs barn find honda 90