BMW Concept and Prototype Motorcycles


BMW has long offered some great motorcycles, with that comes a few failures.  However, to continue being a market leader, BMW has been continually producing some eye catching concept and prototype bikes.  BMW is looking for another win.  What do you think of these concept and prototype motorcycles?

  1. The radical BMW “Titan” Concept Motorcycle by Turkish designer Mehmet Doruk

2.  The Titan design inspiration comes from the hydrodynamics of a shark …you can certainly see that resemblance in this

3.  Overall purpose of this build …to break the land speed record of

4.  BMW bagger …say what?  The BMW “Concept 101” was recently unveiled by BMW.  Edgar Heinrich (Head Designer at BMW Motorrad) says the Concept 101 is the “epitome of elegance, power and luxury on two wheels”.  bmw-concept1011_950x635

5.  Made from carbon fiber, brushed aluminum and dark wood trim, this custom bike boasts a massive powerplant with its 101 cubic inch, 1,649cc six cylinder engine.  bmw-concept1012_950x633

6.  For the radical riders BMW has a custom bike tricked out for the stunt riders.  It is the Stunt G 310 concept bike.  bmw-stuntg3101_950x635

7.  The agile and aggressive stunt bike lacks nothing for the astute trick rider.  Many custom features just beg for this bike to be pushed to the limits.  Check out Autoblog for more on this bike.   bmw-stuntg3102_950x634

8.  Another bike from designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem is the Radical.  It has a low slung rider position similar to his design of the Titan bike.  bmw-radical1_950x612

9.  The bike looks mid-evil yet futuristic.  It seems to have gills on its fairing to let the engine

10.  As “Radical” as this bike is I am not sure how comfortable it would be for any length of ride.  bmw-radical3_950x613

11.  The “Urban Racer” concept motorcycle from BMW combines the design inspiration from a fighter jet with the 115 horsepower 1200cc engine to match.  bmw-urbanracerc1_950x635

12.  Custom stitched leather seats and matching grips and mahogany accents really make a pop of contrast agains the gun metal grey bike.  The LCD display really speaks to this urban cafe style racer.  bmw-urbanracerc2_950x633