Cool Cafes and Trackers


The Cafe and Tracker craze is in full swing.  There are so many great custom and homemade builds out there to celebrate.  Here are some great pics submitted by our followers.  Hope you enjoy as much as we do.

  1.  A Dunkley Harton custom cafe.Revvs Dunkley Harton custom cafe

2.  Harley Davidson’s custom built cafe called the “Asphalt Ripper”.  This is one of my favorite Harley builds ever.Revvs TheAsphaltRipper HD cafe

3.  We really like the look of this custom tracker style cafe racer with the big knobbies, motocross style handlebars, sleek seat and something cool about seeing through the bike.  Revvs BMW

4.  Not sure of the original frame or motor but this bike reminds me of a rat rod style drag car, it’s chopped and dropped and who ever owns doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks!Revvs chopped and dropped cafe

5. Honda CX500 cafe, not sure if I like the custom blue paint or the black leather more   …tough call.  Revvs honda cx500

6.  Old school cool.  Kick start, big knobby tires and check out that suspension.  Revvs old skool kick start big knobby tracker

7.  This is just a badass tracker. Revvs badass tracker

8.  Yamaha tracker cafe custom build, simple and beautiful.Revvs Yamaha tracker cafe rider