24th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2015


The world famous Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show had its 24th annual event earlier this December.  This annual event is one of the greatest custom car and motorcycle shows on earth.  I was elated to get some pics from the show.  Enjoy!

  1.  Cherry’s Company had several great bikes entered this year.  Here is a great pic of one of their trophy bikes being unloaded.revvs yhrcs unloading Cherry's company
  2. The Curtraterevvs yhrcs the curtrate
  3. Dynamite Joe’s 1942 HD Knucklehead revvs yhrcs Dynamite Joe 42 HD Knucklehead
  4. Neevo Evan’s Powerplant HD Panheadrevvs yhrcs Neevo Evan's Powerplant HD Panhead
  5. Ryan Grossman firing up his beautyrevvs yhrcs ryan grossman2
  6. Ryan Grossman again, riding into the showrevvs yhrcs ryan grossman1
  7. Joey Cano’s 1947 HD Knuckleheadrevvs yhrcs Joey Cano 47 HD Knucklehead
  8. Noise Cycles 1953 HD Panhead ELrevvs yhrcs Noice Cycles 53 Panhead EL
  9. Oliver Jones 1977 HD Shovelheadrevvs yhrcs oliver jones 77 HD Shovelhead
  10. Another Cherry’s Company bike being unloadedrevvs yhrcs befroe the show Cherry's Company
  11. Swing Cycle’s “Too Killer” bikerevvs yhrcs Too Killer by Swing cycles
  12. Another view of Swing Cycle’s “Too Killer”revvs yhrcs Too Killer Swing2
  13. Small City Cycles 1950 Triumph Thunderbird revvs yhrcs Small City Cycles 50 Triumph Thunderbird
  14. Chopper Dave’s 2006 HD Turbo Sportster.  I’d love to take this for riderevvs yhrcs Chopper Dave 2006 HD Turbo Sportster
  15. Bike by Mark Drewrevvs yhrcs Mark Drews1
  16. Cherry’s Company revvs yhrcs Cherry's company2
  17. Bike and builder unknown, sweet ride thoughrevvs yhrcs 1
  18. Cycle Zombies HD Knuckleheadrevvs yhrcs Cycle Zombies HD Knucklehead
  19. Killer Suzuki pictured in the KaiKoKu parking arearevvs yhrcs random pic in Kaikoku parking areo
  20. 1947 HD Panheadrevvs yhrcs 47 panhead
  21. Rad shot of another Cherry’s Company bikerevvs yhrcs cherry's company3