Erzberg Austria – Hare Scramble


1500 riders line up every year to take on the 3000 vertical foot pit which is sometimes called the Iron Giant. Most guys have a trials background due the consistent and relentless rocks, tight turns, climbing and descending. Austria’s largest iron ore mine called Erzberg is the host to this amazing hare scramble. With grueling sections like “The Machine”, “Carl’s Diner” and “Downtown” it’s really no surprise that only around 30 ever complete this 4 hour event.

1. The Start – the best riders start first and a new wave of riders are released every 20-40 seconds depending on class.revvs erzberg start

2. Going uprevvs erzberg climb

3. …and this is one of the easier hill climb sections …the guy just right of center is about to eat it!revvs erzberg climb2

4. Traffic jam on the rocksrevvs erzberg5

5. Graham Jarvis looking pretty composed hererevvs erzberg graham jarvis

6. Let it rip

revvs erzberg wheelie water

7. Back into the rocks at Carl’s Dinerrevvs erzberg6

8. and yet another hillclimbrevvs erzberg ktmhillclimb

9. The course changes each year and riders are not able to pre-run the sections, every turn is different than the year before.  Multiple water crossings, hill climbs, rocks and forest. Johnny Walker is one of the best.

Jonny Walker performs during his first prolog run at the Red Bull Hare Scramble 2013 in Eisenerz, Austria on May 31st, 2013 // Philip Platzer/Red Bull Content Pool // P-20130601-00179 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to for further information. //


10. Just think, if you are within the first 100 riders there are 1400 more coming up this behind you, and they are going as hard as they can.  Total carnage everywhere you turn.

revvs erzberg2

11. Another rock?  Yea, they are everywhere dude!revvs erzberg1

12. One of the greatest and unexpected moments in last years race was Alfredo Gomez and Johnny Walker helping each other through the new “Downtown” section.  No spectators are allowed to help in this section, and although fierce competitors, these guys realized that in order to finish the race they had to work together.  Five riders decided to cross the finish line together out of respect for each other and the collective effort it took to even finish the race.revvs erzberg alfredo gomez & jonny walker downtown

13.  Great perspective

Competitors perform during the Red Bull Hare Scramble 2015 in Eisenerz, Austria on June 7, 2015