Hayle Shay Brown – MX Rider Spotlight


I want the world to know about Hayle Shay Brown.  She is a beautiful girl, a loving and appreciative daughter, a happy girlfriend, a student and a paraplegic motocross rider.  You read correctly, yes, she is paraplegic and nothing has stopped her from achieving her goals.  She is a certified badass and a HUGE inspiration to me and to many others.

Hayle does not particularly like being the center of attention.  She never sought out to be an inspiration.  However, throughout her struggles and accomplishments she has inspired and motivated many, whether they ride or not.  Hayle is the epitome of what we call a #RevvsRealRider, she is a woman of action, she is unstoppable …and we are honored to feature her here.  Check out Hayle’s Facebook Page here.

Photo Cred: Andrew DeVillier of DeVillier Sports Photography, Hayle Shay Brown, REVVS.

  1.  Hayle could be anything she wants to be, but she is a motocross rider through and through.  Paralyzed from the waist down after a motocross accident she throws the “Rock On” hand sign even from her hospital bed. revvs Hayle Shay - 7
  2. Strength and determination. It was and still is a tough road, but Hayle’s uncompromising motivation was to ride again. revvs Hayle Shay - 3
  3. Back in the saddle almost 4 years to the day of her accident.  Hayle has a tricked out and awesomely modified KTM, a support crew and a goal reached.  revvs Hayle Shay - 4
  4. Hayle straps her legs into the bike with the help of her supporting cast.  She controls the gas, gears and brakes from the handlebar controls.  The custom Rekluse clutch is air powered and with the push of a button she can shift up or down, kind of like paddle shifters in a car, which is way cool.  Her dad, Mark “Iron Man” Brown, pictured here on the right, is the man.  Nicknamed the “Iron Man” because he still races dirt bikes and has placed Top 10 in the Over 30, Over 40 and Over 50 classes in this years Texas Winter Series.  revvs Hayle Shay - 4_1024x682
  5. Teamwork approach, with everything in check Dad and boyfriend (Jon) get set to send Hayle to the track.  revvs Hayle Shay - 5_1024x683
  6. Once Hayle gets on the bike she makes a loop in the parking lot while Mark, Jon and family friend Joey get to the track entrance.  When she arrives, it’s on!  They ride, follow and spot in case she takes a spill.  I saw her lay it down one time and the support crew dropped their bikes to pick her up and set her off again.  It is amazing to see, very cool and kind of scary to be honest. revvs Hayle Shay - 6_1024x683
  7. Not too much leisurely riding going on here, Hayle is on the gas!  revvs Hayle Shay - 7_1024x683
  8. revvs Hayle Shay - 8_1024x683
  9. revvs Hayle Shay - 9_1024x452
  10. I love the flying ponytail.revvs Hayle Shay - 10_1024x683
  11. When I asked Hayle about her journey to ride again she told me it’s all in the “don’t give up” attitude and “if you do want something bad enough everything is possible”.  She is proof of that and lives each day to the fullest.  What an inspiration.
    revvs Hayle Shay - 11_1024x683
  12. revvs Hayle Shay - 12_1024x759
  13. While taking breaks between motos, Hayle checks out different areas of the track from her 4-wheeler.  Hayle and boyfriend Jon actually met in the hospital 4 years ago after they both suffered injuries from motocross accidents.  Jon is really fast, he roosted me several times on this day as I tried to keep up with him on the track.  Jon still races and he and Mark just participated in the Moto Masters at Swan Raceway this past weekend in Tyler, TX.  revvs Hayle Shay - 13 _1024x683
  14. I just had to include this pic that Hayle shared with me.  The girl has guns and she can probably kick your ass!   …I’m just saying.revvs Hayle Shay - 14_1024x1365
  15. Great pic of the custom KTM.  Check out the custom seat, support bars and air tank that powers the button shifting via the Rekluse clutch.  revvs Hayle Shay - 15_1024x683
  16. Back on the bike for another go.revvs Hayle Shay - 16_1024x683
  17. This is one of my favorite pics.  Andrew with DSP Photo did an excellent job capturing the speed and airtime action.
    revvs Hayle Shay - 17_1024x683
  18. revvs Hayle Shay - 18_1024x682
  19. revvs Hayle Shay - 19_1024x683
  20.  Thanks to Murphy’s MX track for providing all of us with a great place to ride.  If you haven’t been you must go.  William and his family have a great property and do a great job prepping the tracks.  Check out Murphy’s MX here.revvs Hayle Shay - 20_1024x683
  21. revvs Hayle Shay - 21_1024x682
  22. Family, friends and motocross.  This is what it’s all about.  The #motofamily is a special group of enthusiasts and I am grateful to know Hayle and her crew.  revvs Hayle Shay - 22_1024x683