Heated Grips


Ok, it’s fall and as some up North think about winterizing your bikes, the die-hards and slightly warmer states want to keep the two wheels between the ditches.  As a young man out of my twenties (ok, well beyond my twenties), I’ve had to let go of the tough biker image and have gracefully accepted comfort on a long haul.  What I am alluding to is the debate of grip warmers and the ones that stand out in quality.  You do not have to hide your toughness to enjoy the comfort of a warm grips on any distance.  Your exposed hands may cool your body, and act as a radiator would to cool down a motor.  By the time your blood makes it to your hand and back to your heart, your internal temperature is lowered.  Riding in 50 degree weather over 5 hours can lower your core temperature to a mild hypothermic state.  So riding with grips not only feels good, but also helps to keep your body temperature at a normal state.  There are several brands and types to choose from, here are just a few.

  • Oxford Heaterz
  • Bike Master
  • Symtec Heat Demon

If you are not one for wiring up your bike, or in a climate that is only cold for just a few months, heated gloves work great. They actually heat your hands all over. The wires are something you have to contend with, if you use them though.  The attached video shows the installation of the heated grips.

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