It was just an ugly 1991 Guzzi Nevada 750. Now it’s “the Phantom”.


The title of this feature post is from the owners own words …“It was just an ugly 1991 Guzzi Nevada 750. Now it’s “the Phantom”.”

I’ve had the pleasure of getting acquainted with the owner, Mariano Bellaggia, through Facebook and email correspondences.  I had seen his “Guzzi Phantom” on one of our shared networks and I reached out to him directly to learn more about it.  Mariano was happy to share with us his story on this build and provided us with some great pictures and history as well.

Check out Mariano on Facebook by clicking here.  Also please visit MATTEUCCI GARAGE of Montegranaro who did the custom build and paint work.

  1.  Before and after photos show an amazing custom fabrication.  This cafe racer is a project built from a 1991 Guzzi Nevada 750cc.revvs-mariano-gp1_950x1237

2.  After meticulous consideration and study a new arrangement in the suspension was done to reposition the rear shocks by removing and shortening the front forks.  revvs-mariano-gp2_950x1422

3.  The engine is from the Guzzi 750cc V-twin which was completely broken down and rebuilt.  Every part and build aspect was realized in the Marche region in Italy.revvs-mariano-gp3_950x634

4.  The inspiration for the flare tank, made to coincide with the references of the knees,  comes from a 1970’s Suzuki GT 380.  The tank is handmade and unique with a hand carved Eagle logo (Moto Guzzi).  All body work is painted in pure white. revvs-mariano-gp5_950x1422

5.  The builders geometry lines, very cool.revvs-mariano-gp4_950x1423

6.  The taillight section, as seen here, was cut and reconstructed into the actual frame.  Absolutely incredible! revvs-mariano-gp6_950x635

7.  What a beautiful build.  I know Mariano is extremely proud of this motorcycle.  I like the picture here with the front cowling off. revvs-mgp7_950x633

8.  I appreciate the beauty of being able to see through this bike.  It is the perfect blend of minimal design and sexy lines.revvs-mariano-gp7_950x634

9.  The Cartier red leather solo seat was made entirely by hand from a local Italian craftsman Emmanuel Marozzi.  revvs-mariano-gp8_950x634

10.  These handlebars are custom and handcrafted with a 5 degree inclination.revvs-mariano-gp9_950x634

11.  The hand stamped windshield comes from inspiration of the quick release Harley Davidson styling.  The front headlight housing is that from a 1980’s Harley Davidson.revvs-mariano-gp9_950x1423

12.  Well, the curtains match the drapes …I love that the grips are in the same color as the Cartier seat.  This looks like a comfortable cockpit, I want to cruise this through all the back roads in Italy.  revvs-mariano-gp10_950x1423

13. Total Phantom view.revvs-mgp3_950x593

14.  Simple elegance.revvs-mariano-gp11_950x634

15.  Great view of the handlebars and controls.revvs-mgp5_950x594

16. The easily removable plate pigtail was also made entirely by hand.  When removed it gives you the rugged Brat styling.   revvs-mariano-gp12_950x634

17.  Deep in the heart of Italy lies much beauty.  I honestly don’t know where his location is but I want to visit.  revvs-mariano-gp13_950x546

18.  Enjoying the ride, this is what it is all about.  The time, effort and money invested are well worth it at this point.  Thank you Mariano for sharing your awesome Guzzi Phantom build with us.  Please let me know when you come to the states.  revvs-mariano-gp14_950x939