Mark’s Moab Adventure Trip


A great friend of mine, Mark, usually goes to Moab with a group of his riding buddies at least once a year.  I know he rides with friends from a local BMW shop as well as some others, but the point is, they venture out and have a blast.  Spending several days camping and riding and experiencing the wondrous beauty of this place with your friends is really what it’s all about.  Thank you Mark for sending me the pictures.  Hope everyone enjoys the post.  If you want to be featured on in the future, click this link, and send us some pics.  We may send you a free t-shirt too.

  1. Mark’s GS loaded up.  Love the custom bicycle rack.  As if riding an adventure motorcycle wasn’t tiresome enough.  Got to have something to do around camp, right?  revvs mz moab1 loaded
  2. Headed out.  Not a bad view from the driveway bud.revvs mz moab2 headed out
  3. I’ve personally never ridden here but can’t wait to go someday, hopefully soon.  It is very majestic, mysterious and beautiful to me.revvs mz moab3 majestic beauty
  4. A little water crossingrevvs mz moab4 water
  5. Hey, that was fun, lets do it againrevvs mz moab5 water2
  6. Planning the next routerevvs mz moab6 planning next route
  7. Ok, lets go for it.  I see several off road lines I would like hit.revvs mz moab7 lets go
  8. Breathtaking photo Mark!  This is probably one of my favorite pics.  Any trout in there?
    revvs mz moab8 moab lake
  9. revvs mz moab9
  10. revvs mz moab10
  11. GRAHAM-LONDON at 45th Tecate SCORE Baja1000
  12. As I understand it, this wondrous formation is called Mexican hatOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  13. revvs mz moab13
  14. revvs mz moab14
  15. Great shot.  Experiencing the ride with our friends and just having fun, that’s what its all about.
    revvs mz moab15
  16. That is a mighty big print.
    revvs mz moab16
  17. Mark and an amazing fossil footprintrevvs mz moab17
  18. revvs mz moab18
  19. revvs mz moab19