Motorcycle Missions: Doc Cotton Interview


I am honored to know Allan “Doc” Cotton of 812 Suspension Design.  I have always appreciated his character and candor since I was introduced to him by mutual friend, Dylan Pemberton.  Doc has a tremendous knowledge of motorcycle suspension and has helped dial my bike in for me.  We highly recommend him to anyone looking to get more out of there suspension regardless of what kind of riding you are doing.

Doc is a soldier, it’s in his DNA, and I’ve sat at his dining table and listed to some of his stories.  This video, however, tells me a lot which I never knew.  I have previoulsy thanked him for his service to our country and now I am thanking him for sharing his personal story regarding the fight with PTSD.


You are an amazing man Doc!  We appreciate your courage and thank you for all you do!

John 8:12