Motorcycles and Art (Local Artist Inspired By Mechanics)


I would like to introduce Mark Niemi.  Mark was born on July 6, 1954 at McConnell Air Force Base near Wichita, Kansas. As the son of an Air Force Sergeant, he spent the early part of his life living in both the United States and Europe. Mark has been an avid racing enthusiast since the late 1960s.  He has raced motocross, cross-country, enduro, AMA Dirt Track, and is currently racing with the CMRA (Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association). In addition, he also serves as an expert riding coach for Lone Star Track Days, the first track days company in Texas. He’s participated in over 150 track days events with Lone Star and still enjoys racing on their endurance team today.  Mark’s artwork has been embraced by the racing community and has shared his work with CMRA as a collaboration with Scott McDermott on a popular art deco shirt.

Marks future plans are to continue his involvement with Lone Star Track Days as an instructor, race the Dirt Wars Pro series at Colin Edwards Texas Tornado Boot Camp, race some enduros over the winter and continue working on his art.

Here are some samples of his work… enjoy. Mark’s work can be found here, on his website,


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