My Chicago to Austin Ducati Multistrada Adventure

  1. I live in Austin, TX, bought a bike …in Chicago, IL.  It is a 2012 Ducati Multistrada Touring S model with only 18 miles on it.  It’s technically a used bike and I got a screaming deal on it.  Flew up one way to get it and rode it back solo.  I was waiting for this day for a couple weeks at the point of this first picture.  Packed and ready to go.  A few crucial items I ordered didn’t arrive so I scrambled to get this together in time.  Alarm rang at 3:50am, my dear friend Peiter picked me up at 4am (I had coffee ready for him) so I could get to the airport for my 5:30am flight.  Thank you Peiter!revvs mts1
  2. I bought my bike from Team MCC (also knows at Motor Cycle Center, Inc) just outside Chicago in Villa Park, IL.  Click the link above for their website or call 630-782-2010 if you have needs for Ducati, Triumph, Norton, KTM, MV Agusta and Norton motorcycles.  These folks are awesome.  Customer service is a 10!  Thank you Team MCC for the great experience.revvs mts2
  3. It was all set up, a guy from the dealership, Laddie, picked me up at the airport.  When we got to the dealership one of the owners of Team MCC, Geoff, had my bike parked right outside the garage and Laddie pulled the car right up to it.  revvs mts3
  4. Me and Laddie.  This guy is fantastic, and has tons of stories about Chicago.  revvs mts4
  5. Deal is finalized and the handshake and smile says it all.  Some very cool KTM’s in this shop too.  I had to get out of here quick before I spent more money.revvs mts5
  6. Beautiful multi-room show floor.  They had all the gear you could ever want.  Wes in the parts department will hook you up!revvs mts6
  7. Geoff put on my temporary tag and taped it up good because I had quite a bit of sketchy weather in the forecast.  revvs mts7
  8. One of the team members grabbed this shot to put on Team MCC FaceBook page.  We got a little Revvs shirt and hat action in the picture too.revvs mts8
  9. Bike is loaded and I’m out of here – next stop is 3/4 of a mile away.  The best sandwich shop in Chicago is Portillo’s.  I was starving at this point.  Anyway, if you haven’t been …GO!  “Hot Beef and Sausage Combo Dipped”, that’s all you have to tell ’em and you’re hooked up.  My friend Julie Chandler turned me on to this place years ago.  revvs mts9
  10. Finally out of the hustle and bustle of Chicago and suburbs, open roads ahead.  I planned to avoid interstates and take backroads as much as possible.  65 miles total on interstate the entire trip, not too bad.  revvs mts10
  11. It was a long day and I planned to camp a couple nights but storms kept looming everywhere in my path.  So I pushed it to Hannibal, MO which is the first town out of Illinois I came to just across the Mississippi River.  Got a little hotel and found this gem of a place walking distance away.  Mark Twain Brewing Company served great food and excellent handcrafted brews, Leslie was awesome and kept my glass full.  This place used to be a Dodge dealership, before that Ford used to make Model A truck beds upstairs.  I got to check it all out, I was even behind the bar for a while.  Wish the picture on the left was better, this guy named Adam had the most epic handlebar mustache.revvs mts11
  12. Back on the road and feeling STOKED!  This bike is so awesome.  I can’t believe it’s mine.  All the power you could ever want and comfort too.  I was listening to music and dancing a bit here on the side of the road before heading to Florida, MO.revvs mts12
  13. Crossing Mark Twain Lake in Florida, MO.  This is a historic place as it is Mark Twain’s birthplace.revvs mts13
  14. FLORIDA, MO – I had to check this place out, I was raised in the great sunshine state of Florida and those who know me know that I’m a HUGE Florida State University fan.  Go Noles!  Florida, MO is gorgeous and I’m really glad I rode through here.  revvs mts14
  15. From Florida to Fulton MO was great, small country back roads, not well maintained but super fun.  The Multistrada handled it all no problem.  Didn’t quite get the shot I wanted but this country road #25 was so fun I turned around and road 15 miles of it again.  revvs mts15
  16. Green pastures everywhere, the clouds looked like they were from The Simpsons cartoon show, I’m in heaven just riding my bike and having a blast.  My weather app however still shows storms all in front of me as the Gulfstream really moved in, so I keep pushing on.   revvs mts16
  17. I guess this plane crashed here at one point (or maybe it was placed here) and they decided to make a dedication to all farmers and ag-related business folks that lived through the “Agricultural Crash” of the 1980’s.  Certainly appreciate all the farmers and I have ridden through some incredibly beautiful farmland. revvs mts17
  18. Wish I had a fishing pole and more time.  The Ozark’s are an amazing place to ride.
    revvs mts18
  19. The Mark Twain National Forest provided some amazing roads.  I really lucked out on the roads I choose along the way.  The bike keeps begging me to push it to the next turn. I accept.  revvs mts19
  20. Sun setting on an old farm road with the silo in the background.  This is one of my favorite pics.  I keep thinking how blessed I am to be here and I’m so thankful for my wife, Jin, and family for giving me the opportunity to live life and chase my dreams.revvs mts20
  21. Met some great folks on the edge of the Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas.  All these folks were heading to the Hot Springs Rally and everyone asked me to go, but I planned on meeting folks elsewhere the next day.  We all had a drink and some BBQ at the gas station together and it was just great meeting them.revvs mts21
  22. I thought this was a cool pic too. It might be out of chronological order on this post, but its from VFW Post 2025 in Rolla, MO.  revvs mts23
  23. I can hardly stop riding.  The road kept luring me in for more.revvs mts22
  24. Plainview, AR.  Don’t blink, it’s a very small town that was founded in 1907.  Some of the old buildings are getting revamped.  revvs mts24
  25. Merideth and Pat are the two very sweet ladies that gave me the history lesson on Plainview.  They also took me into “Miss Theos Saloon” for a shot of cold sarsaparilla.  These two gals have revamped this section of town and have all kinds of fun hosting parties and events and bringing recognition to their town.  Thanks for the hospitality!revvs mts25
  26. You see that red light on my instrument panel?  It’s telling me that I am pushing the bike too hard for this dirt and gravel road and the Ducati Traction Control (DCT) is kicking in.  With the push of a couple buttons I was able to turn off the DCT so I could spin the wheels and play in enduro mode for a while.  revvs mts26
  27. Yes, I put the bike through its paces and although its more of a street bike than an enduro bike it surely has no problems on the dirt roads and trails.  I was planning to camp at one of these spots even with the 40% chance of thunderstorms …then I saw the bear locker on the trashcan at the trailhead and remembered I had food in my bag.  Hmmm, guess I’ll push on for another hotel.  revvs mts27
  28. Some beautiful scenesrevvs mts28
  29. So I made it to the Texas border (near Texarkana) at 19 hours and 26 minutes of ride time from leaving Chicago.  I’m feeling pretty good and the front wheel keeps coming off the ground for some reason. revvs mts29
  30. I am elated with this bike and the time I have to enjoy the road.  I needed to clear my head and this was just the trip to do it. I’m a goofball, but whatever, it’s all fun.revvs mts30
  31. I planned on riding one more day but my good friend Eric Spille couldn’t meet me, so I pushed through some rain for about 90 minutes near College Station and an hour or so later I stopped at this Buc-ee’s in Bastrop.  My family and I always stop here when we are headed east on a road trip.  I’m only an hour from home now.  revvs mts31
  32. This was a marathon day for me, logging just over 12 hours on the bike through all kinds of conditions (cold morning, rain, hot afternoon, rain, dark).  It’s late and I am tired but the wife and kids waited up to greet me home.  It’s not a great photo but I am loving seeing my family and glad to be home safe. revvs mts32a
  33. From Team MCC in Chicago to my house in Austin.  A 2 1/2 days ride totaling 26 hours and 34 minutes on the bike and just over 1400 miles.  revvs mts33
  34. She’s home.  Hope the Honda doesn’t get jealous.  Only thing I want now is a trials bike.  That story will come soon.  Stay tuned.  Thanks for checking out my adventure.  revvs mts34