“My first time” as she reflects back….



    Andrea –
    As a young girl, I was asked to go on a ride with a tall dark and handsome young man.  Understand that I had very long beautiful flowing light brown hair all the way down to my butt.
    The images of adventure, excitement and my long flowing hair waving through the air filled my mind! I climb on the bike with no helmet and straight hair – no pony tail for this ride.
    After about an hour of tight curves holding onto my man, I realized my visions of flowing hair turned into a knotted birds nest, which would later have to be cut off by about a foot.
    Moral of the story: WEAR A HELMET and put your hair up in a pony tail.



    Dawn –
    My husband wanted me to go on a motorcycle trip for a long time. I had never been on a motorcycle before, so I was a little nervous.
    We did a ‘fly and ride’ renting from a local Harley shop in Montana.  A Fatboy was our choice of bike to explore on.  That particular model had the pipes going between the seat and the foot peg.
    Off we go not knowing proper gear to wear, as I had on capri pants, flat shoes with short socks.  After several hours of winding through small towns and curving roads, I was hooked.
    On the return trip back, we took an old, rough, bumpy road.  Hitting a large bump in the road, my foot moved forward slipping off the peg and resting my leg against a very HOT pipe!!!  Sh@$%^#^&!!!
    Now missing a part of skin on my leg, I was not happy on the way back.
    Moral of the story: Boots + jeans on any ride!


    Rose –
    After passing my test and getting my Motorcycle license, I was excited to join my husband on the road to share the passion of driving, instead of passively riding on the back.
    Now in charge of my own machine – ‘off we go’!  As we traveled through the hills and cut the curves, I remember having nerves of excitement and adrenaline.
    A couple of hours later, we arrived home to park in the driveway. As I got off the bike, I totally forgot to put the kick-stand down. Bam. I now know how to pick the bike up from the ground all by myself.
    Moral of the story: Take a breath before you get off the bike – and make sure the kick-
    stand is down!