Norton Dominator Custom Motorcycle Build


Being fascinated with Norton motorcycles for a long time, I was giddy when I received these pictures of a custom built Norton Dominator.  If I had the money I would easily pass it along for this beauty.

  1. Jesse Bassett runs an amazing customs shop in Cleveland Ohio called The Gasbox.  He as able to find an old and rusty Norton Dominator engine.  Sounds like he may be gotten a great deal.revvs norton dom 1
  2. A new rigid frame was custom made, styled like the Norton ES2 but with Jesse’s own personal touches.revvs norton dom 2
  3. This is an amazing view of the bike.  The handlebars, forks, shock, gas tank and engine are unbelievable.  I am in awe of this build.revvs norton dom 3
  4. Beautifully crafted elegance, just very minimal in design.revvs norton dom 4
  5. This bike just looks like it belongs here.revvs norton dom 5
  6. The dual post per side forks were custom fabricated with a simple and clean feel.revvs norton dom 6
  7. Nothing says classic Brit motorcycle quite like a 19″ rear and 21″ front wheel.  The rear brake is a stock park.  The front is from a Triumph Thunderbird.revvs norton dom 7
  8. Ok, this “Revvs” me up. They upgraded the engine from the original 500cc to a 600cc cylinder and crank.  I mean, why wouldn’t you if you are doing this build?  Many parts had to come straight from England as they are rare and hard to find in the states.revvs norton dom 5-6
  9. Nickel plated cylinders and cast iron heads all polished to a mirror shine.revvs norton dom 8
  10. The gauge looks old and restored, this isn’t a trendy custom with creature comforts of today’s motorcycle amenities, this is build to ride like an old bike.revvs norton dom 9
  11. Thanks for viewing the post.  Hats off to Jesse and his team at The Gasbox for an amazing build.revvs norton dom 6