Texas State MotoTrials Championship – Austin, TX


The Texas State MotoTrials Championship was held right here in Austin, Texas on February 13th and 14th.  Revvs was able to attend the event at Emma Long Motorcycle Park (also known as City Park).  Emma Long Park has a 40 year history of motorcycle enjoyment on its trails and trials sections within the park and they are open 365 days a year.  The Austin Trials and Central Texas Trials Association has done a fantastic job maintaining the park.

  1. Welcome to Emma Long Metropolitan Park and Motorcycle Trails.  If you have not been you need to check it out this historic motorcycle park.  There are no fees to ride here – just clean up after yourself and enjoy.Revvs TSMTCA - 1
  2. This old Kawasaki 250 Trials bike really grabbed my attention.  Beautiful machine.  I want one.Revvs TSMTCA - 2
  3. Revvs TSMTCA - 3
  4. Central Texas Trials Association is a great organization and helped put on the AMA sanctioned event.
    Revvs TSMTCA - 4
  5. Revvs TSMTCA - 5
  6. Revvs TSMTCA - 6
  7. Revvs TSMTCA - 7
  8. The kids on their electric Osset bikes were really fun to watch.  This is truly a great motorcycle sport for all ages.
    Revvs TSMTCA - 8
  9. Revvs TSMTCA - 9
  10. Revvs TSMTCA - 10
  11. My buddy Craig sporting a Revvs sticker on his Sherco trials bike.  Thanks for representing Craig!Revvs TSMTCA - 10*
  12. Revvs TSMTCA - 11
  13. Ron Hensley is one of the nicest guys you will meet.  He shared his event scorecard with me before taking on this last section.
    Revvs TSMTCA - 12
  14. Revvs TSMTCA - 13
  15. Revvs TSMTCA - 14
  16. Ron Hensley is a pretty composed rider.  His Gas Gas moto trials bike with the gold frame is one of my favorites to look at.
    Revvs TSMTCA - 15
  17. In observed trials you are scored on each run.  Possible scores are 0, 1, 2, 3 and 5 if I understand correctly.  Your best possible score on any section would be a 0, which is also known as “cleaning the section”.  Putting your foot down, stalling, going out of bounds and not finishing a section are all reasons to gather unwanted points.
    Revvs TSMTCA - 16
  18. This rider compensates for a tight turn by using a rotating nose wheelie to his advantage.  Revvs TSMTCA - 17
  19. Revvs TSMTCA - 18
  20. This was a steep rock faced line that was really fun to watch.  Revvs TSMTCA - 19
  21. Revvs TSMTCA - 20
  22. Revvs TSMTCA - 21
  23. Revvs TSMTCA - 22
  24. Everyone loves watching trials, even Mom.  My mom had a great time talking to some of the trials riders and she walked away with a great appreciation for what these athletes do.
    Revvs TSMTCA - 23
  25. Two of the past Texas State women’s Trials champions.  Revvs TSMTCA - 24
  26. One of my favorite competitors to watch.  His style is smooth and steady, never hesitating before a section and he always wears a huge smile riding his motorcycle.
    Revvs TSMTCA - 25
  27. Revvs TSMTCA - 26
  28. Unlike motocross, you don’t use your knees to grip the motorcycle, instead you use your knees to help with balance by holding them out.
    Revvs TSMTCA - 27
  29. Revvs TSMTCA - 28
  30. Revvs TSMTCA - 29
  31. Revvs TSMTCA - 30
  32. Revvs TSMTCA - 36
  33. Revvs TSMTCA - 33
  34. Craig and his awesome wife Toni.  Everyone knows Craig in the Austin Trials community as he has probably introduced trials riding to half of the guys at Emma Long Park.  He is a fantastic guy and has given me the opportunity to ride trials and I am forever grateful.  Revvs TSMTCA - 37
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