The Harvest Classic 2016 – 14th Annual European & Vintage Motorcycle Rally


The 2016 Harvest Classic was a blast and with over 3000 enthusiasts attending I think it’s safe to say the weather was slightly better than last years …in fact, it was glorious.  The extreme wide variety of bikes and eclectic riders make this my favorite event of the year  …and if you thought it couldn’t get better, the heart and spirit of the rally is dedicated to raise money for childhood cancer through Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation (click the link, learn more and donate if you feel the love).

The event has so many fun and exciting events wrapped into the weekend that I can’t do it all justice but hope you enjoy the pics we have.  Thank you Russel and all volunteers.

Without further delay, lets get to some pictures of the event and the bikes:

  1. Me and my good friend Tim rode out at 6:30am on Friday morning to make it to Luckenbach by 815am.  Tim rode a 1975 Honda Goldwing, and I was on my 2012 Multistrada.  We wanted to get a good camp spot and we had a chilly ride in but loved every minute of it.revvshc1
  2. Welcome to the Harvest Classic, “Abandon All Despair, Ye Who Enter Here.”revvshc1_1024x683

2. Tom Dooley is a great guy and amazing friend, he brought these two Suzuki 100cc bikes for us to ride in the 100cc Fun Run.  Green bike is a ’74 and the yellow is a ’75.  We did a fist bump at about 35mph during the Fun Run and just had the best time being us.revvshc2_1024x768

3. Rad Kawasaki photo by Eric Spille.  Love the color coordinated connectors around the steel braided lines. revvshc3_1024x683

4. This is the heart of the rally, Russell speaks about his loss and encourages everyone to help in the cause to cure and fight childhood cancer.  My heart pours out!revvshc4_1024x683

5. Hmmm, I’ve seen this Jawa somewhere before.revvshc5_1024x683

6. I entered my first Observed Trials competition and it was on an Electric Motion bike from Voltage Powersports.  Crazy fun and lots of power.  Check them out.revvshc6-2_1024x1365

7. Getting ready for the auction and everyone is gathered and ready to bid.revvshc6_1024x683

8. Honda with sidecarrevvshc7_1024x683

9. Revvs donated this framed picture to be auctioned off.  Eric Spille took the picture of a rained on vintage BMW from a previous years Harvest Classic.  The picture was printed on aluminum and Eric custom made the steal frame.  So cool.  Great job Big E.revvshc8_1024x683

10. 1973 Rickman Montesa 250 donated to the auction from Fred and Maggie Beck in loving memory of their son Charlie.  revvshc97_1024x768

11. Old Royal Enfield in the bike show.revvshc13_1024x683

12. Brevvshc17_1024x683

13. You can’t hang in Luckenbach Texas without wearing a Big Ass Hat.  Thanks Ron for the picture.revvsbigasshat_1024x1530

14. This 1912 Indian tribute bike was for sale during the swap meet.  Thought this was a beautiful tribute even with its brand new 50cc engine.  revvshc4

15. I believe this was a 1963 Harley Davidson.  It was beautifully restored and the owner told us quite a bit about the bike and the restoration process.  What a piece of history.revvshc92_1024x768

16. Our friend Craig never disappoints.  His bike builds are as radically unique as he is.  This bike has the biggest rear tire I’ve ever seen, a suicide shifter, and the longest stretched riding position possible.  You have to smile seeing him ride this down the road, check the Revvs t-shirt too.  revvshc94_1024x768

17. Steve and Jeff talking about this beautifully restored Honda.  We loved the cream colored frame against the glossy black flawless paint.  revvshc96_1024x768

18. HDrevvshc19_1024x683

19. WTF?  Daniel showed us his unique build, it was surprisingly fast, I bet it’s a trip to ride.revvshc91_1024x768

20. Possibly my favorite bike of the weekend.  This BMW was brought back to life with a lot of work but for sure a rebuilt engine, hand painted body work, and some custom niceties like the turn signal indicators in the handlebars and black and red front fork springs.  I want this bike. revvshc95_1024x768

21. Stage 1 on the trials competition.revvshc16_1024x683

22. We may have had some late night music shenanigans going on inside bar …Incubus “Drive”.  Can’t wait until next year. revvshclatenight_1024x577