Tom Dooley – MX Rider Spotlight


I met Tom Dooley during the 100cc Fun Run at the 2015 Harvest Classic rally in Luckenbach, TX.  Tom arguably had the raddest bike out there, a 1974 Suzuki 100cc 2 stroke in mint condition.  After the the Fun Run I was able share a few beers with him, his wife Nancy, Revvs cofounder Joe Rozsa and my good friend Tim Bargsley. Tom and Nancy are just some of the nicest people you will ever meet, salt to the earth kind of folks.

Tom and I kicked it off pretty well, we both have a passion for motorcycles (especially motocross) and family.  Tom is training for the 60+ World Vet Championship that will take place at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, CA.  I recently got to ride at Murphy’s MX with Tom and his son Matt.  They are both very fast!  I am honored to now call them friends and look forward to many more rides together.

  1. Tom and Nancy on a recent date night.  Looking greatTom and Nancy date night
  2. Tom’s 1974 Suzuki 100 at the Harvest Classic rally
    Toms Suzuki 100
  3. Tom speaking to his son Matt before a moto session at Murphy’s MX
    revvs 1murphysmx - 19
  4. Tom is pretty well put together, bike and gear is immaculate
    revvs 1murphysmx - 21
  5. Good pic of Tom and Matt in the new back section at Murphy’s
    revvs 1murphysmx - 70
  6. Matt looking good on the big table top
    revvs 1murphysmx - 79
  7. Elbows up
    revvs 1murphysmx - 61
  8. Looking nice and poised in the turn
    revvs 1murphysmx - 62
  9. What happened here Matt???  revvs 1murphysmx - 64
  10. Tom, thanks for being a great inspiration.  I look forward to riding with you more as you train for the World Vet Championship
    revvs 1murphysmx - 13
  11. Here is Nancy on another restored 70’s Suzuki.  Sorry, I couldn’t resistNancy revv it up