Wheelie Wednesday – Tandem Style


Quick story to accommodate this Wheelie Wednesday post that is focused on tandem wheelies.  I met a girl a little older than me when I was 17 or 18, she rode a Honda CBR900RR.  Badass bike, badass chick!  So, I liked this girl and her bike (win/win) but I’m a motocross guy and I am used to being in control, she liked to be in control too.  I met her at her house and she took me a ride on the CBR (Yea, I’m riding bitch).  After a good ride through the country we are headed home and she comes out of this turn and gets on the gas and lifts the front wheel with me on the back.  Nah, I didn’t like that at all.  Gave her a little tap, Im out.  Great time though, I’ll never forget it.  This one is dedicated to you Carla.

  1. revvs ww dual1
  2. revvs ww dual2
  3. revvs ww dual3
  4. revvs ww dual4
  5. revvs ww dual5
  6. revvs ww dual6
  7. revvs ww dual7
  8. revvs ww dual 8
  9. revvs ww dual9
  10. revvs ww dual10
  11. revvs ww dual11
  12. revvs ww dual 12